What is Talent Stacking?

Your talents, skills, and abilities combine to create your Talent Stack. The concept of Talent Stacking is strategically developing new skills that work well together. The sum total of your Talent Stack is exponentially greater than its individual parts. Scott Adams, the creator of the Talent Stacking concept, says that every complimentary talent you develop doubles your chances of success.

Mastering One Skill  Vs.  “Learning Enough” About a Number of Things

You don't need to be Elon Musk to manage a successful team and you don't need to be Martin Luther King, Jr. to give a compelling presentation. While it takes a lifetime to master something, it does not take long to “learn enough” about something. When you “learn enough” about the right combination of skills, you will achieve success in a fraction of the time.

How Long Does it Take to “Know Enough”?

Not long. Now, this does not apply to doctors or rocket scientists, but for the rest of us, all you need are the basics, some practice, and the confidence to figure out the rest as you go. As an example, let's say you need to market your small business. One approach is getting a marketing degree from a 4 year university. No doubt you'll be able to write a marketing plan, but ask yourself, was it worth the sacrifice? A better option would be heading over to Talent Stacking's Marketing Section where you'll find affordable online classes, great podcasts, popular books, and top marketing experts that provide the knowledge and resources you'll need to grow your business. Just think how quickly you'll “learn enough.” Within a couple months you'll be able to add marketing to your Talent Stack.

Origins of Talent Stacking

Talent Stacking is a concept developed by Scott Adams. Scott is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and author of numerous books on life, politics, and persuasion. He hosts a daily podcast that offers a fascinating perspective on politics and current events called Coffee with Scott Adams. You can find Scott Adams on the following platforms: Twitter, Periscope, LocalsBlog.

I reached out to Scott and I have his permission to use the Talent Stacking concept. Scott is not currently involved with this website but an invitation will always remain open.

Scott Adams

Our Vision

Virtual learning is the future of education. The opportunity to learn any subject, from anywhere, from the world's best teachers, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional education will advance humanity faster than anytime in history.

The online educational space is booming and growing at an ever increasing rate – especially since the global pandemic. With so many new learning platforms and resources coming online, students need a trusted resource where they can find the best educational resources. We are creating a collection of the best classes, podcasts, books, and mentors that help learners develop useful talents and learn life-changing life skills.