Share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Share your
and expertise
with the world

Talent Stacking connects people who want to improve their lives with mentors who show them how.

How do I become a Talent Stacking Mentor?

We are always looking for talented experts to share their knowledge and expertise with our community. If you are interested in becoming a Talent Stacking Mentor, please tell us a little about yourself.

I didn't sign up to be a mentor.  Why am I featured on Talent Stacking?

I spent my quarantine watching educational Youtube videos trying to find the best teachers. If you are featured on Talent Stacking, it is because I believe you create some of the best content on the internet.

We are both generating revenue through affiliate links.  How is that fair?

I want it to be a “We win a little” and “You win a lot” relationship. To promote this, we put your videos at the top of Talent Pages followed immediately by the mentor section which links directly to your content. Next comes classes where you determine the referral fee Talent Stacking receives. With regards to products and services, we intentionally place them at the bottom of the page in order to give you every opportunity to refer the sale.

I don't want to be a featured mentor on Talent Stacking.  Will you take me off your site?

Yes. Please email me directly and I will take down your content.  My email is [email protected]