How to Be a Great Leader

  • If you take credit you must also take accountability
  • Practice being the last to speak
  • To lead others you must articulate a clear vision of a world that does not yet exist

By: Simon Sinek

The Science of Persuasion

  • 6 universals principles that guide human behavior are Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, and Consensus
  • Reciprocity – obligation to give back when you receive
  • Scarcity – we want what we can not have

By: Robert Cialdini

I Convince You to Meditate

  • Reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance self awareness
  • Close eyes, sit still, and focus on breathing
  • Reality is not fixed. It is the manifestation of our thoughts that we can control

By: David Sutcliffe