The Best Resources for Business Ideas

Start with Why - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek

The Art of Innovation

Guy Kawasaki

Choose Your Market First, then Your Product

Tim Ferris

15 NEW "Pandemic-Created" Business Ideas in 15 Minutes

Pat Flynn

How To Find Your Niche & Eliminate Business Overwhelm

Marie Forleo

Validate Your Business Idea: The Lean Startup

Productivity Game


Business Strategy and Leadership

Bob Iger – Masterclass

Business Leadership

Howard Schultz – Masterclass

Online Business Courses

Harvard Business School

Minimum Viable Product: Validate Your Startup Idea


Organizational Analysis

Stanford – Coursera

Introduction to Negotiation

Yale – Coursera

Entrepreneurship Specialization

Wharton – Coursera



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How to Test Out Your Business Idea

Christy Wright

Creative Thinking - How to Get Out of the Box and Generate Ideas

Giovanni Corazza

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Foundr Magazine

10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Roberto Blake

Top 9 small business ideas for 2020

Silicon Valley Girl

How Does GaryVee Validate a New Idea?

Gary Vaynerchuk

How Boredom Can Lead to Your Most Brilliant Ideas

Manoush Zomorodi

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Michael Seibel

Areas Ripe for Disruption

Ben Horowitz

What I wish I knew about Side Hustles