Create a System for Success

STEP 1: Create a Vision

Don't think in terms of specific goals, instead, envision the person you want to become, the relationships you'll build, and the kind life that will bring you happiness.

STEP 2: Build a System

A systems approach is better than creating a list of goals. In our fast changing world, systems will open you to the greatest number of opportunities.

STEP 3: Learn Self-Discipline

Discipline is more important than motivation. Learn the tricks and techniques that will make you do the things you already know you need to do to achieve success.


Estalish a Strong Foundation

STEP 4: Develop a Sound Mind

Mental strentgh and inner calm are key to overcoming life's challenges.  Develop the techniques to approach situations with peace and mental clarity. 

STEP 5: Build a Healthy Body

You will never reach your full potential without your health. Develop a nutrition plan and create a workout strategy that will bring you strength and health. 

STEP 6: Create a Strong Financial Plan

Enjoy the peace and freedom that comes from having control over your finances. Create a plan that puts you on a path towards financial freedom. 


Build Your Talent Stack

STEP 7: Communication

Effective communication skills will improve relationships, advance careers and gain you respect. It will improve every interaction you have in life.

STEP 8: Thinking

You don't know what you don't know.  Learning productive frameworks for thinking and being able to view the world through facinating filters is eye opening.

STEP 9: Persuasion

Learn a real-world superpower. The world's most successful people are master persuaders. Develop the techniques that will bend the world to your wishes.

STEP 10: Productivity

We all have 24 hours in a day, yet some people create SpaceX while others can't get off the couch. You'll be amazed by what you accomplish once you master productivity.

STEP 11: Writing

Strong writing skills are invaluable in our digital age of text messaging, social media, and email. Communicating effectively through the written word is essential.

STEP 12: Selling

The one skill that will make or break any career. We are always selling, whether it is a product our ourselves. Selling effectivly will take your career to new heights. 

STEP 13: Decision Making

You are always one decision away from an entirely different life. Learn the techniques of effective decision making to increase your chances of making the right decisions.

STEP 14: Networking

Your network is your networth. Learn how to develop new relationships and stragically build your network. A strong network will open many doors of opportunity.

STEP 15: Public Speaking

It's easy to learn public speaking yet few people do.  It's for that reason adding Public Speaking to your Talent Stack is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart.


Find Fulfilling Work

STEP 16: Get On a Great Career Path

Work takes up the biggest part of your day.  You need to do fullfilling work to achieve true happiness.  If you haven't found what you love, keep looking.

STEP 17: Start a Successful Business

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